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Together We Pray Lyrics

Together, together, together we pray
To Allahu Ta’ala 5 times a day
It’s a duty upon us, so never delay
From the blessings of Allah don’t turn away

Its the break of Dawn and you
Know exactly what you must do
Wake yourself up and do wudu
Get ready for Fajar prayer, oh Mu’minun

You know its tough, when sleep’s in your way
You know Allah will help you awake
It’s a refresher, to start the new day
So, get up oh Muslims, its time to pray


Its past mid-day, you look at the time
Its time for Dhuhr salah, you gather in line
With other believers side by side
In one Jama’a, for the Sublime

After your prayer, you invoke praises
To the Lord, to whom you pray
Asking Him what your heart desires
Knowing that He will show you the way


Its hours past, past Mid-day
Its time again to gather and pray
You pray 4 Rakah with the Imam
Always on time, never too late

Maghrib comes over an hour away
You prepare yourself, to pray again
Adhan is called in the Masjid
You stand in prayer for Allah’s sake


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