Love Who You Are Lyrics - Harris J.


Love Who You Are Lyrics

By: Harris J

6am when he wakes up
He wipes the sleep from his eyes
Another day at school again
Weighing heavy upon his mind
Standing tall, trying to keep it cool
Saying “yes” to everything
He’s lost in doubt, all he cares about
Is to find a way of fitting in

Don’t ever forget to love
Keep loving who you are
Don’t ever forget you shine
Shining like a star
There’s something so perfect
Courage in everyone
So don’t ever let yourself stop
Loving who you are

She stood by her mirror
She’s wondering how to fix her scarf
Filled up with a fear of
People staring from afar
At the way she talks, just how she walks
It’s tearing up her self-esteem
She’s lost in doubt, all she cares about
Is to find a way of fitting in


No matter, ooh
You are always beautiful
No matter, you
You are incredible


Don’t ever forget to love
Keep loving who you are

Written by: Paddy Dalton, Moh Denebi, Maher Zain & Bara Kherigi

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