Turn to Allah Lyrics - Zain Bhikha


Turn to Allah Lyrics

Where are you going? where are you going?
North, south, east or the west
Where are you headed? oh where are you headed?
Turn to Allah, that’s the best
Cos He is there, wherever you are
So turn, turn, turn to Allah

Where do you live? oh where do you live?
In a tent or in a town. It doesn’t matter where you live,
You can soon be found
Cos He is there, wherever you are
So turn, turn, turn to Allah

Allahu Allahu, Jallah-Jallalahu,
Allahu Allah, Jallah-Jallalahu

Where do you come from? where do you come from?
North, south ,east or the west
It doesn’t matter where you’re born
Islam is the best
And He know who the good Muslims are
Who turn, turn, turn to Allah

What are you doing, what are you doing
I’m praying to my lord, to keep us guided
On the straight road
Cos we all need guidance wherever we are
So turn, turn, turn to Allah

What are doing? what are you doing?
I’m praying to Allah. To give us victory
And guide us to Jannah
Cos he’ll be there where the good Muslims are
Who turn, turn, turn to Allah

Words & Melody by: Zain Bhikha
Performed by: Zain Bhikha

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