Muslim School Anthem Lyrics - Zain Bhikha


Muslim School Anthem Lyrics

All praise is due to Allah,
For what He’s given us for today
And in the morning that will come,
We’ll face the bright tomorrow
We, the children of Islam
We learn to live for Allah
And side by side we’ll always stand
The Ummah of Rasullallah
As long as we believe in you, we’ll never go

Five times a day, we stand and pray
Oh ya Allah! That’s what we’ll say
And in the month of Ramadaan,
We’ll fast and strengthen our Iman
Oh Allah! Protect us all
with Your help we will not fall,
La illah ha illallah
Muhammad ur Rasullallah
As long as we believe in You,
We’ll never go astray.

We walk the halls of learning,
To clarify our vision
The flame of truth is burning,
For our Iman will never die
We are the children of Islam,
Together we’ll stand for all of time
The Ummah of Rasullallah
The servants of only Allah
As long as we believe in You,
We’ll never go astray
As long as You are in our hearts,
We’ll never go astray.

Words and melody: Zain Bhikha
Performed by Zain Bhikha

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