The Earth Trembled Lyrics - Voices Of Passion


The Earth Trembled Lyrics

Husayn, Husayn, Husayn x2

The earth trembled, the skies blackened x2
Husayn has been martyred, Husayn has been martyred

I told Zuljana, please don’t take father
Whoever goes, they never return
My father then told me, to him I’m so dear x2
The time has now come for us to part

The earth trembled…

After you were slain, they came into our tents
They slapped me on my face and snatched my earrings
Do they not know, we are of Ahlul Bayt x2
O grandfather, where are you?


The earth trembled…

Sakina cannot sleep, her father has been slain
Oh father, where are you?
I want to lay my head, upon your chest x2
When will I see you, when will I see you?

The earth trembled…

When I fell down from the camel’s back
Zainab cried out, no-one took heed
But then father your head fell of Khulli’s spear x2
When will I see you, when will I see you?

The earth trembled…

The city of Shaam came out to see
Who are these prisoners paraded through town
Can it really be, the family of Rasool? x2
Without any veils the daughters of Husayn

The earth trembled…

My brother Ali Asgher, he died without a drop
Now how can I drink whilst he is thirsty?
I want to leave this evil dungeon of Yazid x2
When will I see you, when will I see you?

The earth trembled…

Oh men of Yazid, please take away this tray
I am not hungry I want my father
On the tray there lay my father’s head x2
I want to be with you, the time has now come

The earth trembled…

English Nauha Information:
Artist(s): Voices of Passion
Album: Narrations of Karbala 1430 / 2009
Written by: Akberhusein Datoo
Lead Reciter on CD: Akberhusein Datoo
Inspired by: Tamam Alam Me Aaj Matam (Nadeem Sarwar – 1990)

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