Makes Me Crazy Lyrics - Kareem Salama


Makes Me Crazy Lyrics

Verse 1
I have a dream that one day you and I
Can see each other between the black and white in our eyes
I have a dream that she might give me a chance
Until she does; I’ll be a good man.

We push and shove for our space in this life
But if it’s alright I’ll sit out this fight
They say these sinners and these mystics are lazy
Oh God Oh God I guess that makes me crazy

Verse 2
I have a dream that we could dance in the street
And all the righties wouldn’t mind the kids with two left feet
I have a dream that all the monsters and men that preach hate
Would hide away in a cave or shut up and sing


Verse 3
What if I took my time and waited on that lady?
Or if I dreamed the road less traveled; is that crazy?

What if I took the time to look at the heavens daily?
Or didn’t hate you cause you’re pretty; is that crazy?


Music & Lyrics by Kareem Salama

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