You’re There Lyrics - Raef


Things that I’ve said, no they don’t mean nothing at all
Time just flies by when I’m with the One I love
Even sunlight makes it through the dark, in a cold misty sky
And when I’m all alone tonight, You’ll be right here…by my side

Chorus :

No matter what what world brings
And even if the birds won’t sing
Better times are on their way
‘Cause I know You’re there
And even if the sun won’t smile,
I know it’s been a while
Since I’ve felt any light,
But I know You’re there

Good times, they never last, I wish they were around
Their time has past us now, still haven’t made a sound
Some folks are dying to live, and others live to die
And somehow when I think of You I smile deep inside!


The grass was greener on the other side
The world turns gray now, are we out of time?
And when I lie alone and stare into the dark,
I’ll remember what You said as I watch the stars spark
I know it isn’t even time to talk…
But I know You’re right here by my side


Lyrics & Melody: Raef
Arrangement: Oliver Bjornfelt

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