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Greatest One Lyrics

Who’s the Greatest One
Created the Sun
Who do we bow to
We worship only You

If I told you once, I told you twice
SO you know that I’m loving life
And I love both of my sons
And I love everyone

I remember the days
The 15th of September and May
My Sons were born what could I say
‘Cause they took my breath away

They were so healthy and strong
I pray that I raise them right not wrong
And thats why I made this song
So now you can sing along


I bet you did not know
That my sons have got the glow
SO every place that we go
I watch as my sons grow

Ima play with them in the park
Hide and go seek in the dark
Ima be a good Dad from the start
‘Cause my sons are in my heart

Catching butterflies in a jar
And I will never be too far
“cause they’re my shining stars
And I love ‘em just the way they are


I got branches on my family tree
never thought it could happen to me
Ima teach ‘em to be all they can be
Graduate and get a college degree

Ima take the good with the bad
If they get in trouble I will be sad
Ima do me best not to get that mad
Im just happy to be a Dad

Ima be there number 1 toy
‘Cause they’re my pride and joy
They’re my baby boys
And you know those are my baby boys


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