You Are My Life Lyrics - Harris J.


You Are My Life Lyrics

By: Harris J

You Are My Life Lyrics Translations:
You Are My Life (Arabic Translation)
You Are My Life (Bahasa Indonesia Translation)

O Allah!
You’re the light that shines above
You’re the reason I never give up
You’re The One I try for, live my life for
Give up all I have
You’re the melody, You’re the key
All the inspiration I need
And when times get tough
I know You’ll stand by me

You are the love I need
The One who is guiding me
And You know my destiny
For You are The Light

And You are my life
Oh oh oh

O Allah!
Your words light up my heart
This connection I’ve felt from the start
I’ll never lose sight of my dreams
Without You where would I be?
And although I feel like I’m
A million miles away from home
I can lose all that I have and when I feel the pain
I know that I can count on You

You are the love I need
The One who is guiding me
And You know my destiny
For You are The Light


When I reach the final chapter
I know it’s only You that matters, oh
So I give it my all
‘Cause I’ll stand alone that day


And You are my life

Written by: Olmi, Twist & Stanbury
Arrangement: Maher Zain
Choir arrangement: Jeremy Karodia
Video by Osama Alsaadi

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