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Broken Lyrics

I see her walking down the street
No one knows the way she feels
She covers up her clothes
trying to hide a broken home

She takes a look up at the sky
wondering why, why, why
She breaks into a little prayer
telling God Dad was never there
was never there when he could’ve been,
was doing things should’ve never been seen


Will her eyes ever see
Will it be forgotten
Will her soul ever heal
Or is she forever broken

Her life is a mirror of mine
Different souls, pains the same inside
I hang a swing up in the yard
swing so high, trying my best to fly but
This family tree won’t carry me
fall down to the ground so hard
A broken spirit that may never heal
try my best to erase all the memories


Will her eyes ever see
Will it be forgotten
Will her soul ever heal
Or is she forever broken

Ya Habibti (Oh my sister), fear not Allah’s help is near
It may not be when you want it but soon you’ll see it clear
That you’ve been tested and been tried for a reason
And that which does not kill you makes you stronger so believe in
Never loose hope
And cling tight
To his rope
Know surely after difficulty
Ease is where you’ll go
Beneath which rivers flow
Endless treasures troves
And purified souls
Is the promise that is given to those who persevere
So remember God and keep Him near
I swear to you if you keep faith the picture will get clear
That you are being prepared for something greater listen here
I swear to you if you keep faith and not fall in despair
Allah will heal you make you better and ease all your fears

And you’ll no longer feel broken


Will her eyes ever see
Will it be forgotten
Will her soul ever heal
Or is she forever broken

Performed: Zain Bhikha
Written: Rashid Bhikha, Zain Bhikha, Dawud Wharnsby and Khalil Ismail
Published: Zain Bhikha Studios (SA) 2011

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