Prayer to Allah Lyrics - Voices Of Passion


Prayer to Allah Lyrics

Allah Allah Allah, Oh Allah, Allah Oh Allah (Allah)

I know it is you who is The Creator
The Maker, The Protector, Destroyer, Restorer
The Bestower, The Sustainer, Forgiver, Enricher
Who would I turn to but You, Oh Allah

Please strengthen my faith so that it is unshakeable
Please make my intentions pure thus incorruptible
My akhlaq toward all beings unmatchable
Thus drawing me in closer to You, Oh Allah

The qualities You like are nobility, piety
Sincerity, humility, affinity, modesty
Courageousness, benevolence, and trustworthiness
I pray I have these qualities through life, Oh Allah

I pray that all our children are intelligent and brave
They are obedient, respectful, well behaved
When they grow-up, they grow-up to be strong
Having no fear but of You, Oh Allah

My father and mother; are two of Your jewels
I pray I can look after them following Your rules
And if they are with You I do remember them
For You through them gave me life, Oh Allah

I pray for peace throughout the Muslim world
Undivided we can transform the whole world
Ensuring there is no suffering in the world
With all of humanity united, Oh Allah

Please keep me steadfast on Your path, Oh Allah

Artist(s): Voices of Passion
Track: Prayer to Allah
Album: In Praise | 2009 Qasidas
Written by: Abul Kassim
Lead Reciter on CD: Abul Kassim
Inspired by: Allah Ya Allah (Majid Abidi – 2008)

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