Celebrate Lyrics - Aashiq al-Rasul


Celebrate Lyrics

He sent us His Beloved to show us
Ways of contentment and goodness
So that we may live our lives to our fullness
With joy and happiness

Celebrate ALLAH’s endless favours
Celebrate ALLAH’s never ending Mercy
Oh Oh ALLAH’s endless favours
Oh Oh ALLAH’s never ending Mercy

With food of all types we eat and live
Our greatest thanks we must give
Friends and family, our health
He gave us abundance of wealth
We read, we see, all we know
Thinking of Him makes our hearts glow
To remember Him our greatest treasure
All we seek is His pleasure

All that His Beloved Nabi taught
Endless happiness they brought
His teachings simple and pure
Easy to follow and adore
All you have to do is trust and submit
Keep following and don’t resist
Blessings surround and cover you
Angels assist you through and through

Allah gave us life to worship Him
To seek eternal blessings
He wants us to be full of happiness
Not to chase dunya and darkness
Showing us ways back to Him
To eternity and bliss

Lyrics & Video Information
Track: Celebrate
Album: Majesty
Artist(s): Aa’shiq al-Rasul
Lyrics By: A. Ellahi
Melody By: A. Ellahi

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