Deen-il-Islam Lyrics - Zain Bhikha


Deen-ul-Islam Lyrics

If you ask me, why do I stand here,
So unafraid of everything around me.
Proudly I would say, I am a Muslim.

If you ask her, why does she dress that way,
All covered up in a world that gives it all away.
Proudly she would say, I am a Muslim.

Deenil Islam deeni
Wala ‘ardab gheiru deeni
Muhammad elli hadeeni
Nourel iman

If you ask me, surely this cannot be,
You give your wealth so free, and you say your life is charity.
It ain’t hard to see, I am a Muslim.

If you ask him, why does it hurt so,
When he sees injustice, even though it’s folks he doesn’t know,
With tears in his eyes he says, I am a Muslim.


If you ask her, why doesn’t she cry,
There’s no one by her side, she’s the only one that’s left behind.
Patiently she sighs, I am a Muslim.

If you ask him, why does he still pray,
Five times a day when so many others have strayed.
Smiling he would say, I am a Muslim.


If you ask me, why do I love you
No matter where you are, we are the greatest Ummah
With the beating of our hearts, we are Muslim.

La-illah-ha-illalah Muhammad-ur-rasullulah
There is only one God
La-illah-ha-illalah Muhammad-al-Mustapha
Muhammad is the messenger

Lyrics Information:

Album: Allah Knows
Words and Melody Zain Bhikha & Cheb Ali Masrawi
Performed: Zain Bhikha
Released: 2006

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