Pearl Lyrics - Sami Yusuf


Pearl Lyrics

By: Sami Yusuf

I spent a thousand sleepless nights
In wait of dreams I could not find
I walked a thousand empty roads
In search of signs to bring me home
With every breath I spoke your name
And heard it rolling in the waves
Beneath a veil of ocean blue
I broke illusion from the truth

You said, walk to me and I’ll find you
Call me and I’ll show you
Hiding like a pearl for you
To heal and guide you
From deep inside you
Hiding like a pearl for you

And from the pulse beneath my skin
You called me to a source within
Where every layer revealed one more
A secret brighter than before
And at the heart there lay just one
The root of all that I’d become
I watched the surface start to break
Free of form, free of shape.

You said, walk to me and I’ll run to you
Call me and I’ll show you
Hiding like a pearl for you
To heal and guide you,
From deep inside you
Hiding like a pearl for you.

As an album ‘The Centre’ takes us through a spiritual journey. ‘The Pearl’ is at the heart of this journey, the hidden beauty that is revealed once we peel back these layers of self discovery. Lying in darkness at the bottom of a deep ocean, protected by a hard shell, The Pearl is waiting for anyone with the determination and patience to find it.

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