Dream Lyrics - Raef


Dream Lyrics

By: Raef

I’ve been dreaming of this world
Won’t you come along and dream with me?
It’s picture-perfect in my mind
Oh how I wish it would be real, oh real
No one living on the streets or digging for a bite to eat,
And pain and hunger are nothing, nothing but a memory
Let’s dream to make it real

Dream your biggest dream
If we dream enough together we can make it real
And lend a helping hand
What we keep won’t mean anything, once we’re gone

No abandoned women, struggling hard trying to make ends meet
No more missing fathers for their sons to be left all alone crying
Elders and children are all cared for lovingly
No one falling through the cracks of government bureaucracy
Let’s dream to make it real


Too many times I’ve walked through these streets
Wondering where we went wrong
Our hands alone can feel so helpless and weak
But surely with yours they’ll be strong
Our problems and fears will soon disappear
If we try hard enough they’ll all be gone
Brothers and sisters, it takes each of us
Together we can overcome!
We shall overcome


Lyrics: Audrey M. Saparno, Raef, & Bara Kherigi
Melody: Raef & Maher Zain
Arrangement: Maher Zain

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