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Packed at All Lyrics

My life line’s worn with travel, I venture near and far
My passport pages are peppered with the borders I have crossed
But none of these journeys compared to my life’s long
My departure could be here tomorrow, but I bared packed at all.
And I haven’t packed at all

This life, these dreams, will I be lost to them all
My departure could be here tomorrow, and I barely packed at all
And I haven’t packed at all. (2x)

For a trip, I pack every gadget, to make me comfortable
Waterproof WIFI and GPS, yeah, you know I got it all.
But what can I take with me when I go to meet my Lord?
My bags lay wide open, barely packed at all.
And I haven’t packed at all.


I’m running out of time, but what is holding me back, holding me back
Death is coming, down that line, but what is holding me back holding me back
I’mma pursue my dreams, but won’t forget why he made me
I’m doing both till the day, He comes calling me back home, home.


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