Better Day Lyrics - Zain Bhikha


Better Day Lyrics

You told me, I can never be anything
But I’ll show you, there’s nothing that I cannot be
If I put my trust in Him

Gonna find my own voice yeah,
I’m gonna make my own way
He’s the only reason
I’m gonna find a Better Day
In between all the noises
Underneath all the pain
He’s the only reason, I’m gonna find a Better Day

You left me, with no return in sight
A hollow scream in the middle of the night

So wont you please, let go of me inside
I need to spread my soul and fly


I’m gonna try right now, find the strength somehow
It aint easy for me, oh you broke me down
But I don’t hate you at all, there’s still love in my heart
Oh the reason we fall, is to rise


Performed by: Zain Bhikha
Written by: Zain Bhikha
Published by: Zain Bhikha Studios (SA) 2011

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