My Mum is Amazing Lyrics - Zain Bhikha


My Mum is Amazing Lyrics

She wakes up early in the morning with a smile
And she holds my head up high
Don’t you ever let anybody put you down
Cos you are my little angel

Then she makes something warm for me to drink
Cos it’s cold out there, she thinks
Then she walks me to school, Yes I aint no fool
I just think my Mom is amazing

She makes me feel
Like I can do anything

and when she’s with me
there’s no where else, I’d rather be…

After School, she’s waiting by the gate
I’m so happy that I just can’t wait
To get home to tell her how my day went
And eat the yummy food, only my Mom makes

Then I wind her up cos I don’t wanna bath
And we run around the house with a laugh
No matter what I say, she gets her way
I think my Mum is amazing


In the evening, she tucks me into bed
And I wrap my arms around her head
Then she tells me a tale of a girl far away
Who one day became a princess

I‘m so happy, I don’t want her to leave
So she lies in bed with me
As I close my eyes, how lucky am I
To have a Mom that’s so amazing


Then I wake up in the morning, she’s not there
And I realize she never was
And I’m still here in this lonely orphanage
With so many just like me

And as my dreams begin to fade
I try hard to look forward to my day
But there’s a pain in my heart that’s a craving
How I wish I had a Mom that’s amazing
Would be amazing

Words and melody: Zain Bhikha
Performed: Naadira Alli

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