I’m So Sorry Lyrics - Irfan Makki


I’m So Sorry Lyrics

If my time would end today would I be ready to go?
And leave all the things I’ve worked so hard for
And all my friends and everyone I’ve known?
Never did I ever stop for a moment to think
Of what’s staring at me
I’ve been breaking all the mirrors of reality

I’m so sorry, if only I had just one last chance
I’m so sorry, but now it’s too late to change the past, oh

I lived my life in the fast lane, I only lived for today
And never, never really thought about anyone else
It was all about me, myself and I

Never did I ever stop for a moment to think
Of what’s staring at me
I’ve been breaking all the mirrors of reality, oh


And now, now that it’s over
I wonder if anyone will remember me
If I had the chance to turn back the hands of time
There’re so many things that I would change
I’d live my life every single breath for You


I’m so sorry, so sorry
Please forgive me

Lyrics: Bara Kherigi, Irfan Makki & Maher Zain
Melody & Arrangement: Maher Zain
© 2012 Awakening Records

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