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Don’t Wanna Be Afraid No More Lyrics

Don’t wanna be afraid no more
Don’t wanna hide behind my front door
I don’t wanna live in fear
I want I want I want I want I want to be free
Don’t wanna be afraid no more

Every day the sun sets and rises
Every dawn a new day begins
Around here we don’t like surprises
Terrified of exploding devices


To raise our hopes and end our fears
To take this land in a new direction

To stop the pain and end the tears
A lasting peace after all these years


Album: A New Day Begins
Noor Members: Bassem, Mahdy, Muneer, and Tarik
Lyrics: Tarik Jalanbo
Arabic translation: Baraa Kahf
Directed by: Murad Aldin Amayreh
Produced by: Tarik Jalanbo
Song arranged and produced by: Raul Ferrando

This song is dedicated to the places where the light of freedom, justice, and human dignity will someday shine.

To all the people of Tunis: thank you for the inspiration
To all the people of Egypt: thank you for showing how to do it peacefully
To all the people of Libya: thank you for never giving up
To all the people of Yemen: thank you for your perseverance
To all the people of Syria: thank you for your solidarity with one another and your courage in the face of the world’s silence

May this song inspire everyone, wherever they are, to cast off their fear, find their courage, and stand for what’s right.

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