Why? Lyrics - Ahmad Hussain


Why? Lyrics

Why can’t we live in harmony?
Why do we See the world
In agony and pain ask yourself?

Living the dream in the fast lane
Don’t seem to care about troubles
Exactly this is what we see

Each second a child loses his life
Somewhere in this world tragically
Ask your self how could this be
And why don’t we care for humanity

Ya Allah, Al Hadi, Al Badi

Why can’t we live in harmony?
Why do we See the world
In agony and pain ask yourself?

Life doesn’t seem like it’s ending
Material gain and pleasures
Is all that we want to seek

Open your mind free yourself
Before you walk through that door
Swallow your pride be yourself
And hold to the rope of the almighty

Ya Allah, Al Jami, Al Ghani

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