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Not Afraid to Stand Alone Lyrics

I am not afraid to stand alone.
I am not afraid to stand alone. If Allah is by my side
I am not afraid to stand alone. Everything will be alright
I am not afraid to stand alone. Gonna keep my head up high

Single mother raising her children
Now she’s a Muslim
Started praying and wearing a headscarf
Was a healing for her heart

Struggling with no one to lean on
But with prayer she would be strong
Got a job but then she was laid off
Got a better education and it paid off

Got a call for a job that she dreamed of
Close by, great pay -she was in love – they said…
They brought her in, said she’s the number one pick
You got the job, but you gotta lose the outfit”

It’s a tough position that they put me in
Cause Ive been struggling with my two children
But I’ll continue looking for a job again
My faith in my religion now will never bend


Peer pressure, they were insisting
And I was resisting
Some days I felt I would give in
Just wanted to fit in

I know when I’m praying and fasting’
They be teasing and laughing
So I called to my Lord for the power
For the strength every day, every hour…

Then one day there’s a new Muslim teacher
Single mom and the people respect her
Just seeing her strength I get stronger
They can break my will no longer

You don’t see me sweating when they’re jokes’re cracking
Never see me cussing’ with my pants saggin’
I aint never running yo I’m still standing
I ride with Allah to the very end


I am not afraid to stand alone…

Now, I’m a tough one, who can bear their blows
The rest play dumb, they don’t dare say no
Scared of being shunned, but its clear they know
I aint never gonna run, I aint scared no more.

Man, these sisters be resolute
Never stressed when the rest say they wasn’t cute
And the get the respect of the other youth
Come best with the dress yo and that’s the truth

These sisters are strong gonna hand it down
So me I’m a brotha gotta stand my ground
I aint gonna shudder, when the gangs around
Peer pressure whatever, its my planet now

Others may fall, I’mma hold my own
With Allah’s help I’ll be strong as stone
And I’mma be brave and let Al Islam be shown
Cause you I know I not afraid to stand alone


Lyrics & Video Information

Singer(s) Group: Native Deen
Album: Not Afraid to Stand Alone
Original Release Date: November 30, 2006
Label: Native Deen
Copyright: Native Deen (2007)
Genres: Rap & Hip-Hop/General, R&B/Contemporary R&B
Format: Explicit Lyrics

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