Every Beat Lyrics - Aashiq al-Rasul


Every Beat Lyrics

Every beat of my heart says ALLAH ALLAH
Every beat of my heart says ALLAH
Every breath of my soul sings ALLAH ALLAH
Every breath of my soul sings ALLAH
Day and night we try to remember Him
Day and night we try to remember Him
Every moment of our lives ALLAH ALLAH

Glory to You O ALLAH
Endless praises for You ALLAH
The whole of creation affirms Your Greatness
Ya Rahman Ya Raheem

Every atom is striking ALLAH ALLAH
Angels praising ALLAH ALLAH
Birds singing ALLAH ALLAH
Winds whistling ALLAH ALLAH
We bear witness ALLAH ALLAH
At dawn at dusk ALLAH ALLAH
Every moment of our lives ALLAH ALLAH

You are the Master of all the worlds
You said Be and gave us existence
To you we’ll return one day
When nothing remains except for You
We are beggars knocking at Your door
Grant us Your mercy and favours
In need of Your blessings and protection
Provide us with pure sustenance
We plea through Muhammad al-Mustapha
To be of those with happiness
On the path of Sirat-ul-Mustakeem

Lyrics & Video Information
Track: Every Beat
Album: Majesty
Artist(s): Aa’shiq al-Rasul
Lyrics By: Amran Ellahi
Melody By: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

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