First We Need the Love Lyrics - Zain Bhikha


First We Need the Love Lyrics

As we sail, across the sea of life
So much pain, warring divides
It’s a shame; we don’t see how it can be


Oh we need to smile at each other
Reach for your brother
Help one another, all/what we need is love
Oh we need to honour our mothers
Shelter our sisters
Alter existence, God’s help will come from up above
But, First we need the love

All the games people playing now
Fuel the flames, hatred devours
Lets spark a change, that’s within all of us



i am in the birds
i am in the trees
from the brown branches
to the the green leaves
im colorful
spectrum infinite
i touch all
breed compassion and sentiment
limitless in my power to heal
the hearts of men
but they are so forgetful
that’s why i remind on an instrumental
this life is a trial
can never the let the test effect your smile
reach for your brother go the extra mile
kiss for ya mother hug your sister let your wife know that you miss her
know that you can never give up
when you fall to the floor im the reason you must get up
im a blessing from God
So why you dont use me more is so odd
you need love!
we need love!

Words and melody: Zain Bhikha & Khalil Ismail
Performed: Zain Bhikha featuring Rashid Bhikha

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