Never Forget Lyrics - Sami Yusuf


Never Forget Lyrics

Oh when you smile
It makes me smile
When you cry
I can’t help but cry

It’s you I long for
How you suffered silently
Throughout the ages

I cried for you
I’d die for you
I carry you in my heart

Don’t live in fear
Nor in regret
You should forgive
But never forget


cvijetom gradova,
Usud to je suza zna,
Moje Sarajevo

I cried for you
I’d die for you
How you suffered

Latest single “Never Forget” dedicated to the memories and families of the Srebrenica genocide.

Written & composed by Sami Yusuf
Recorded Live alongside the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra at the Sarajevo National Stadium,
Bosnian lyrics by Nihad Sladic.
Published by Resonance Music (FZC).

Copyright of ETM International LTD. All rights reserved.

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