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Ramadan Is Here Lyrics

Ramadan is Here

[Rap: Abdul Malik]
Yo they sighted the moon, its Ramadan!
Now I gotta plan, before it has come and gone
Getting close to Allah, spend allota time
Check the condition of my heart, like a sonogram

Uh Every knows that we gotta fast.
But does everybody knows how the time is passed?
Is it sleeping all of the day and the nights a blast?
And forgetting the reward of the month is vast?

I know you gonna wake-up right,
Drinking water maybe bean-pie, praying at sunrise….
Fast in the day, keeping that deen tight
Breaking fast with some dates, taraweeh at night

Thats right, its a blessed month
It doesnt mean at iftar, that you cant have fun,
But strive in your heart, for your Lord the one And be
Blessed by Allah, when the month is done

Ramadan is Here

[Rap: Joshua]
Ramadan vibrations, many supplications
More donations, eid celebrations
Good behavior means better reputations
Dont start nothing, no provocations

No fighting no argumentation
From the fitna and the drama, take a vacation
Mosques is packed with a huge congregation
Some just come as an annual visitation

Some just come for the hum of the recitation
Memorization of revelation,
Avoiding temptation, with more contemplation
People sending out dinner invitations

Shake a lot of hands giving salutations
Salaam Alaykum, peace upon the nations
The world is one, no time for segregation
Another Ramadan congratulations

Ramadan is Here

[Rap: Naeem]
Four minutes left, Mom busts in the door, like
Get yourself up, you about to miss Suhur
Turkey bacon on the plate but Im beefing
Im up here sleeping, when theyre down here eating

Scenes like this, it makes me reminisce
What it meant growing up with Ramadan as a kid
My homies buying up the corner store,
Nowlaters Quarter Waters we break at 8 its a quarter to 4

They got jokes, like oh yeah hes fasting
Something about blessings, heaven everlasting
Asking like the Feds up on me,
But dude, let me ask you for real, is you hungry?

A hunger for the day when the sins on my slate
be as empty as the food on my plate
And if you got jokes, man here is a taste,
Take a little fasters breath to the face.

Lyrics & Video Information

Written By: Abdul Malik, Naeem Muhamad, Joshua Salaam
Production Music Video: Daze Studios
Special Thanks: Anas Canon, David Hawa and The Adams Center

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