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Muhammad (PBUH) Lyrics

Rap Verse 1:
He was born in Arabia
Father already dead
Mother died when he was young
But little did they know that the orphan son
would grow one day to be the chosen one
He grew under the tutelage of his uncle
One day when they were travelling was spotted by a monk
The monk recognized
That he was prophesized
He looked into his eyes
He saw in him the signs
and this was not astrology
I’m talking Deuteronomy
and so his personality
was quick to gain autonomy
grown to be known
as honest and strong
Trustworthy everybody loved him like they love they own
family and happily at 25
He married Khadija a woman who would stand by his side
but as the days flew by
questions arise
How his people was living they lives
Paganistic and ritualistic
So this caused him to meditate about his existence
in many instances he would retreat to a cave
just to contemplate
Age 40
Cave was the scene
Angel appears
tells him to read
What shall I read
Never was a literate one so tell him what do you mean

Zain Verse 1:
The same moon, the same star
Gazed right down at Rasulullah
They saw him climb, down from Hira
Now a Prophet, a Messenger
And in the sky, was Angel Gibraeel
He said O’ Muhammad, O’ Rasulullah

Zain Chorus:
Muhammed is, and always will be
The last and final Prophet of Allah
He was a mercy, unto the universe
Peace and blessings be on Al-Mustafa

Rap 2:
He fled the home and told his wife an such
was scared to death he thought his mind was touched
but she relieved stress
and confirmed
that he was indeed a Prophet
It was then he regained his consciousness
realized what had happened no time to rest
Arise at morn
call everybody and warn
The religion of Islam reborn
Now the first test was his family and friends
lend me your ear O’ people who I have known for years
You have
trusted me with your life’s possessions
I come to you now with a holy directive
a better direction
away from the sin of worshiping false IDOLS
and mistreating your women
and no human
can ever be judged
by the color of his skin
no instead what he or she does

Khalil Chorus:
Muhammad Peace be upon his soul
Muhammad Islam was his only goal
Muhammad Sallallah hu Alay Wasallam

Rap 3:
This is the belief that I bring to you cuz
and I ask for it nothing but the worship and love
For the Creator , the Maker , the Merciful the Savior
Submit your desires and you will gain His favor
Well can you guess what they answer was
Most of his fam simply laughed it off
told him he was crazy and they cast him off
took him as a joke all they did was scoff
But a few returned to the truth
then another few and then another few
before his family knew it he had a following
they laughs turn ta frowns see they really couldn’t
swallow this threat to a power structure
so corrupt
All he wanted was to love his brothers
in return their was torture they would make him suffer
Many died but they couldn’t stop Allah’s Qadr, so he would rise!

Khalil Chorus:
Muhammad Peace be upon his soul
Muhammad Islam was his only goal
Muhammad Sallallah hu Alay Wasallam

Rap 4:
Invited to Medina
They saw he was a leader
Protection they would lend him
And he would be their teacher
The brotherhood would grow
His enemies would fold
The Muslims were outnumbered
Only fearlessness they showed
Time has come to go back home
In his possession now the strength to wipe out his foes
See they had tortured him and plotted on his death
Yet he spared them and chose no bloodshed
Cuz he was so compassionate
All he wanted was the people to acknowledge that
Submission would wipe out sins
That giving charity and honoring your mother wins
That righteous deeds would be the key
To salvation of the soul and we could be happy
and he would go down in history
As the Greatest of all time we send him peace

Zain Verse 2:
So from that cave, in Mount Hira
To the holy city of Medina
In life and death, he showed Islam
Opened our hearts to the wealth of Imaan
So ‘o Allah, hear my Du’aa
Keep me as part of the Prophet’s Ummah

Muhammed is, and always will be
The last and final prophet of Allah
He was a mercy, unto the universe
Peace and blessings be on Al-Mustafa

Performed by Zain Bhikha and Khalil Ismail
Written by Khalil Ismail and Zain Bhikha
Published by Zain Bhikha Studios (SA) 2011

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