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Hasbun’ Allah Lyrics

WRITTEN BY: Zain Bhikha

The blazing fire burned like the sun
And all he claimed was God is one
And there was no one by his side
His heart was strong, his faith was right
The friend of Allah Ibr?h?m knew
God’s promise will stand true, he said

???????? ????? ?? ?????? ???????????
Allah is enough for me
As I stand here alone, I have nothing to fear
For I trust in Allah, He is all that I need

Fearlessly he faced the pharaoh
Pleading let my people go
For you are not our Lord, the One
Who Commands the moon, commands the sun
The Prophet M?s? stood firm and free
His faith took them towards the sea, he said

???????? ????? ?? ?????? ???????????
Allah is enough for me
My Lord, Open the way
Our lives in your hands
Show us your mercy
You are all that we have

She lay alone her baby born
How would she face the people’s scorn
For she was chaste, not touched before
By any man, her life so pure
The greatest woman that ever lived
Maryam held a miracle, she said

???????? ????? ?? ?????? ???????????
Allah is enough for me
As we lay here alone
This gift given to me
A great messenger
Oh my son you will be

He faced an army filled with hate
His only message was God is great
But all they did was drive him out
A thousand strong now to end his light
Mu?ammad (pbuh) stood, so few by his side
He turned and eased the fear in their eyes, He said

???????? ????? ?? ?????? ???????????
Allah is enough for me
Do not forsake us O lord
Make our hearts firm today
If these few of us fail, who will call out Your Name
And Allah heard his call, sent the Angels to him

When he said ???????? ????? ?? ?????? ???????????
With all that I go through in this life
There’s nothing that can shake my faith
For Allah is all that anyone needs
Just say ???????? ????? ?? ?????? ???????????
Allah is enough for me

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