Call On Him Lyrics - Raef


Call On Him Lyrics

By: Raef

All night I pray I might,
Wake up and feel the light
Before I know it, the Sun has arrived
It greets me with its cheerful eyes

I’m thankful for this beautiful day
It feels so good to be on my way
I see the world there’s nothing to hide,
And in His name everything’s alright!

Call on him, and call on him, and call on him and say
Call on him, and call on him, and call on him and say:
Allah! The One creator of the heavens and Earth
Allah! The One who gives you all more than your worth
Allah! Just call on Him and He will hear
He’s by your side, so have no fear
Allah! Who picks you back up when you’ve taken a fall?
Allah! Whose epic mercy will shine above all?
Allah! Just call on Him and He will hear
He’s on your side, so have no fear

All day, I’m paving my way
Because I know, I’m not here to stay
Straight ahead, there’s so much to see
And I’ll be making history
I’m grateful for whatever has passed
He only stays, and nothing will last
Just how it ends is unknown to me
but in His shade is where I’ll want to be


Just take a step and open your eyes
Put your trust in Him and it’ll be alright
Just right when you:


Lyrics & Melody: Raef
Arrangement: Oliver Bjornfelt
Video by: Engy Allam

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