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The story of Native Deen is an inspiring one that began with three Muslim youth possessing unique talents and a passion to spread the uplifting message of Islam. Originally solo artists and active participants of their communities searching for creative ways to educate and inspire Muslim youth, today Native Deen has become a fusion of Hip-hop and R&B flavors, thrilling fans with their eclectic and unique combinations of lyrics, rhythms and sounds. The trio made up of Joshua Salaam, Abdul-Malik Ahmad and Naeem Muhammad came together in 2000 and has embarked upon a professional career in the music industry together in order to highlight issues confronting Muslims living in America.
Native Deen

These three young African-American men who were raised as Muslims in America have emerged as one of the leading Islamic Nasheed groups and have inspired an international fan base. Drawing their own inspiration from the message of Islam, Native Deen’s music calls listeners to keep the faith, to live better lives, and not to succumb to the pressures and temptations of modern society.

Native Deen uses only percussion instruments, inline with the majority Muslim opinion on the use of musical instruments. This has not hindered the group’s musical creativity but has resulted in evocative audio efforts that have resulted in sounds that are a fusion of street rap, Hip-hop & R&B. The music of Native Deen resonates with fans all over the world. Their music and positive message have been embraced by people of all ages and backgrounds, from Islamic clerics to non-Muslims.

The group has played to rave reviews throughout North America as well as Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Together, they have played some of the world’s most distinguished auditoriums and performed alongside artists such as Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens), Sami Yusuf, Zain Bhika, Raihan, Dawud Wharnsby, Seven8Six, Outlandish and much more. Native Deen has performed in over 60 cities around the world inspiring Muslims and non-Muslims alike and are ranked as one of the Top Five bands in its genre on MySpace. Native Deen’s music has provided a cultural bridge by presenting Islam in a positive light to Western audiences and promoting tolerance in Muslim countries by demonstrating that there are devout, practicing Muslims in Western countries. In 2006 the group won the Mahabba Award in Dubai at an Artists’ event showcasing musicians, artists and filmmakers inspired to spread Islam through their art. Now with their second album out, the trio has reached a new height in their career.

Album: The Remedy

Album Notes: In an age of technological advancement, humanity is assaulted with numerous pills, medicines and antidotes to cure various illness. However, for many, the cure for the ailing soul remains elusive. Native Deen, an internationally recognized Muslim Hip hop group uses guidance revealed in the fourteenth century with 21st century expertise to produce the highly anticipated, break-though production: The Remedy.

  1. Bismillah
  2. Only Fear Allah
  3. Mercy to Mankind
  4. Packed at All
  5. Greatest One
  6. My Faith My Voice
  7. The Remedy
  8. Ahad – The Story of Bilal
  9. Hungry Ones
  10. Ramadan is Here
  11. Ya Taybah
  12. Gaza
  13. My Lord
  14. I am Near
  15. Our Earth
Album: The Remedy
Release: Jul 01, 2011
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Spiritual Rap
Total Length: 59:39
Copyright: 2011

Native Deen - The Remedy


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