Peace Be Upon You Lyrics - Maher Zain


Peace Be Upon You Lyrics

There’s faith in my world
It comes back to your teachings and all your words
From your life I have learnt
To be patient and caring at every turn
The reason I’m strong
You’re where I belong
In a world spinning out of control
The reason for my pride
You are my guide
And I will always follow your way
Your way, your way, oh!

‘Alayka salla Allah O Muhammad
(May Allah’s salutations be upon you O Muhammad)
Peace & blessings on you every day
‘Alayka salla Allah O Muhammad
You inspire me in every way
I promise that wherever I go
Whenever I pray
I’ll be sending you praise
With the words that I say
Rasulallah (Messenger of Allah), O Muhammad
Peace & blessings on you every day

There’s light in my heart
Helps me find my way back when I’ve gone too far
When all my anger makes me blind
I remember you’re a mercy for all mankind
The reason I forgive as long as I live
In a world spinning out of control
The reason I love, I’ll never give up
And I will always follow your way
Your way, your way, oh!

I know the only thing I want from this life
And it’s to follow all your footsteps to Paradise
So that’s the way I’m going to spend all my time
Yes I swear, by Allah I swear!

Lyrics: Paddy Dalton, Maher Zain, Bara Kherigi
Melody: Maher Zain, Paddy Dalton
Arrangement: Maher Zain

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