You Are The One Lyrics - Raef


You Are The One Lyrics

By: Raef

I thought of this before over a million times
Who would’ve ever thought that it would be our time?
I just know it, ’cause you’re the one
It ain’t a selfish love, when I’m with you
You remind me of Allah, and so I know it’s true
I’ll just say it: you are the one

Won’t you be my BFF (best friend forever) and ever?
Won’t you be my partner after this world?
We’ll see it, when we believe it together
Dreams are meant to be, ’cause you’re the one for me

I never thought that I would ever feel this way
I ask Allah to bless you every single day
I’ll just say it, ’cause you’re the one
And when times are tough, and we’ve got the world to see
Standing right beside you is where I want to be
I just know it: you are the one


I prayed about this just over a million times
Who would ever thought that I could call you mine?
I just know it, ’cause you’re the one
And when there’s gray in our hair and we’ve not much to do
I want to spend the rest of my days with you…
Oh don’t you know it?
You are the one, you are the one
Oh won’t you be the one?

Album: The Path
Lyrics & Melody: Raef
Arrangement: Maher Zain
Video by: Abdulrahman El Abyad

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