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Born in Chelsea in the heart of London, Harris J is a young British Muslim artist with Indian and Irish heritage signed to Awakening Records.

At an early age, Harris’s natural talent for singing was evident. By the age of five, he began singing and performing in public, at school recitals and multi-faith gatherings. His mastery of classical Arabic recitation with tones and vocal techniques of Irish folk music create a distinctly rich blend of artistic talent.

Harris J is passionate about football. At the age of 12, Harris earned himself a place in the exclusive Elite Training Club at the Chelsea Academy, receiving expert coaching over several years at the training grounds of the Chelsea FC Premier League Side.

Harris J

Having entered the social media powered Awakening Talent Contest in 2013 – in which multi platinum winning songwriter and artist Maher Zain was a judge – Harris J went on to win the competition and signed an exclusive record deal with Awakening Records.

In July 2015 Harris J graduated from the world renowned BRIT School of Performing Arts in London (alumni include Adele, Amy Winehouse and others). Harris J has performed in charity tours in the UK and at the Mandela tribute concert in South Africa. World Music Trends have identified Harris as “an artist who will take the global Islamic music scene by storm”.

Harris J considers himself a proud Muslim and a true Brit and is now looking forward to taking his new blend of faith inspired music to the world. His debut album is due to be released in late August 2015.

Harris J’s Lyrics & Songs

  • Eid Mubarak - Eid Mubarak Lyrics Ft. Shujat Ali Khan By: Harris J Watch this video on YouTube Yeah today when we all come together Having fun making beautiful memories Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah (praise be to God) Such a great day for everybody Around the world, ooh It’s time to celebrate, oh yeah! Chorus: Chalo chalo sab Eid manayain ... Read more
  • Good Life - Good Life Lyrics By: Harris J Good life, good life Allah I want to thank You for the good life I want to wake up in the morning with the sun Wear a smile, go out and have some fun Going to take away the worries on my mind, oh Put them to one side ... Read more
  • I Promise - I Promise Lyrics By: Harris J I promise anytime you call me It don’t matter where I am I’ll always be there, like you’ve been there If you need me closer, I’ll be right over I swear, I swear Every time that I need you by my side Every time I lose my way in ... Read more
  • Let Me Breathe - Let Me Breathe Lyrics By: Harris J I know you’ve walked in my shoes And get just what I’m feeling I know you’ve brought me up To always do the right thing You don’t need to solve all of my problems I can try Let me feel naïve, let me feel alive Chorus: I just ... Read more
  • Love Who You Are - Love Who You Are Lyrics By: Harris J 6am when he wakes up He wipes the sleep from his eyes Another day at school again Weighing heavy upon his mind Standing tall, trying to keep it cool Saying “yes” to everything He’s lost in doubt, all he cares about Is to find a way of ... Read more
  • My Hero - My Hero Lyrics By: Harris J You were always unselfish and sacrificed Everything you risked to change life Even when there was darkness You broke the shackles and brought light You called everyone to believe in Allah O Muhammad! You are my… Chorus: You are my hero, you are my Hero You are my hero, ... Read more
  • Paradise - Paradise Lyrics Ft. Jae Deen By: Harris J Got a dream in my life, yeah! I pray that it will happen Devote all my time, yeah! More than you could ever know Ooh, I do it all with a smile, yeah! Ooh, I’d go a million miles yeah! Chorus: In this world I dedicate my ... Read more
  • Rasool’Allah - Rasool’Allah Lyrics By: Harris J Oh, you came into this life Brought up as an orphan child Through a time of deep despair, O Muhammad! Your days at work began As a fair and honest man You showed just how much you cared And one night in that cave When the Archangel came And your ... Read more
  • Salam Alaikum - Salam Alaikum Lyrics By: Harris J Salam Alaikum Lyrics Translations: Salam Alaikum (Bahasa Indonesia Translation) Salam Alaikum (Arabic Translation) You can try and turn off the sun I’m still going to shine away, yeah And tell everyone We’re having some fun today We can go wherever you want to And do whatever you like Let’s ... Read more
  • The One - The One Lyrics By: Harris J When I learnt for the first time I know my heart wasn’t prepared For just how much You’d mean to me But Allah, how I know now That a life without You there Is like a bird without its wings Chorus: You are The One In my life Always ... Read more
  • Worth It - Worth It Lyrics Ft. Saif Adam By: Harris J It’s way too late, but I’m still wide-awake ‘Cause I can’t sleep yet, I can’t sleep yet Got a thousand words That won’t stop running circles Around in my head, around in my head Sometimes I feel just like these days and nights will never end ... Read more
  • You Are My Life - You Are My Life Lyrics By: Harris J You Are My Life Lyrics Translations: You Are My Life (Arabic Translation) You Are My Life (Bahasa Indonesia Translation) O Allah! You’re the light that shines above You’re the reason I never give up You’re The One I try for, live my life for Give up all ... Read more


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