Climb With Me Lyrics - Gaith Adhami


Climb With Me Lyrics

Just hold on with me
Climb with me
Just hold on
walk on water
hopscotch across the continents if you must
just climb with me
we travel not alone on this slippery slope
a divine rope we hold tirelessly
in this timeless tug of war where
hands may burn
but our feet are firm
as we stand with feet not of our own
grasp with hands not of our own
Lord be the eyes with which I see
through this mirage
camouflaged reality
it beckons me
but you will find me
watching the horizon
where the sun sets in a murky pond
to see what is beyond my sight
feel hope beyond my senses
the world has left us lost senseless
so find yourself
at the shores of transcendence
glimpse the unseen
through Remembrance
the world has a lazy eye
remember to keep your eyes peeled open
like peacock feather eyes that never blink
never blink
drink from the elixir of my watering wells
let my hands shade your traveling heart
let my blood be the Nile
to carry your basket
there no denial
that we are all short of breath sometimes
but you will find us
behind you in this caravan together towards our lord
the world is hiring heroes
I am not qualified for this job
I’m just searching for a role for this soul
searching for a hand to hold
hands too tired or afraid
to be held
so let my hands shade your traveling heart
Let my blood be the Nile
to carry your basket 1000 miles
as we march in this caravan together
let us climb together
and hold on together
Climb with me
Just hold on with me
Climb with me
Just hold on

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