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Al- Haaj Siddiq Ismail is a name of not only a personality but an instituition of almost 5 decades. Hundreds of Hamd & Naat Reciter all over the world consider him as their spritual guide .He is a living legend and an asset for Islamic World & our Homeland , He is the symbol of pride for the Nation & Islamic Ummah.The services for the promotion of Hamd & Naat Khuwani he has rendered is the reflecton of his love & dedication with the Prophet of Peace Hazrat Muhammad SAW.He is the pioneer of Hamd & Naat Khuwani in Pakistan , he took an emminent part in the development of this sacred field since his childhood . In recognition of his services in the field of Hamd & Naat Khuwani . Govt of Pakistan awarded him with the most prestigious Presidential award " PRIDE OF PERFORMANCE " in 1985. He also established LABBAIK TELEVISION (Voice of Islam) which is again rendering services for Islamic teachings.He compiled his famous Hamd & Naats Book " ANWAR-e-HARMAIN" on request of Ex President Zia ul Haq. which is a unique work . Books were sent to all over world to Pakistani Embassies for the Libraries.He also compliled a book ' RANG-e-RAZA" Famous Hamd & Naats written by Family of Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi were scrutinized in a sequence of stanzas . which was admirably appreciated by his fans.He is the receipient of hundreds of International & Domestic awards including the Pakistan Television Best Naat Khuwan & Radio Pakistan 20 years Melody Excellence Award. He has been performing as a judge for last 30 years on PTV MUQABLA-e-NAAT .He has also taught the Art of Hamd & Naat Khuwani to Pakistan Army Jawans as well.