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Born in Essex on the 5th of December, Saif was brought up in a traditional Muslim family where teaching was the main profession. Originally hailing from Iraq, they were keen to instill spiritual and Islamic values. Throughout his childhood, Saif demonstrated a keen interest in music and performance. He taught himself to play the guitar and cajon drums. His years at college and university gave him the impetus and drive to perfect his musical skills. It was during this time he combined performance, composition and his love for the spiritual. He progressed to write his own lyrics resulting in fully crafted tracks. After graduation, Saif pursued a career in the music industry. This resulted in a series of collaborations with mainstream artists including Ed Sheeran, N-Dubz and X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos. This fruitful period gave Saif a valuable opportunity to perfect his vocal abilities and song writing skills. But it was during a life changing trip to Makkah when he realised he could combine his musical talent with his faith. His music could become a new and exciting way in which to connect with his Muslim brothers and sisters. Upon his return, Saif began to deeply absorb the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and it was at this point that his life changed forever. He felt empowered and decided that he would try and share these positive messages with the community through the medium of music. Saif now writes and performs songs that have been written with the strength of Islam at the forefront of the message. Saif has spent a great deal of time in the studio working on his debut album. 'Heart' is set to be released during 2013 and is a heartfelt ode to Islam. He has poured his heart and soul into this work and that raw emotion really comes through. The debut single ‘Believe’ will definitely strike a chord in all of us. The album is both uplifting and heartrending. He sings about how the ummah have strayed from the word of Islam, yet if we believe and have faith, then Allah will guide us all through the gates of Heaven. Saif Adam is managed and signed to The Light Records.