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Jabar was born in January 1972 in Dukan a beautiful town in (Kurdistan region) north of Iraq. He was grown up in a big family, he attended "Dukan Primary School" when he was five, Jabar was involve in most of his schools activities in his earlier age. He was a member of his Secondary School music grope in Dukan . While he was in secondary school he was also learning Quran, in 1980 he won the competition of memorizing the holy Quran.After secondary school Jabar loved to go to Art College but unfortunately for some reason at that time he couldn't make it, and he had no choice therefore he had to go to "Junior Professional" in Ranya town, but that didn't stop him to do his art work, because of his love for arts he joined a music group and theatre group in Ranya , he was involved in many activities such as music concert and acting rolls'. In 1990 Obtained a Diploma in the Department of Minerals. In 1992 he had to give up all the art work because of the political situation in his country.In 2002 he came to the UK, he started learning English language and he attended to the interpreting course and he graduated as an interpreter. In 2007 he started writing music and lyrics. After two years hard working he produced his first album "Shafa'a ", now he is studying music academically in Manchester.