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Born and raised in the Middle East, Hesham Abdul Wahab is an Indian native. He is a singer-songwriter and a talented piano/keyboard player.Hesham’s sensitivity and soothing voice shine through in his music. So it was only a matter of time before Andante Records discovered him. Signing for the label has materialised his search for rewarding and meaningful music.Hesham is inspired by traditional Indian harmonies, and the music of great historic composers constantly rings in his ears. When he sings, he expresses his spirituality through a highly individual brand of music that calls upon classical and world music sources that make Hesham a truly unique artist.Additionally, the young musician has been a playback singer for several Indian movies including “Pattalam” (2009), “Traffic” (2011), “Urumi” (2011) and “Gaddama” (2011)Hesham’s debut album is due for release soon.