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Growing up in a Western environment, Adam saw the impact of music on today's society, especially in relation to our youth. Positivity, innocence and above all Islamic principles and beliefs are the ideas that Adam seeks to capture in his spellbinding music in a bid to redefine what music once was. Music was not always about money, sex and drugs; music at its very core is a beautiful method in which to sing praises about the Lord and to generate peace, love and unity in a world which is in dire need of this. Adam started singing from a tender young age, Adam went on to become an Award Winning artist releasing his first album Ya Rabbee in 2012, airing across UK and into Europe, touching parts of South Africa. Adams support and fan base have dramatically begun to grow internationally, with people from all walks of life beginning to appreciate the undeniably talented young star. Having released Ya Rabbee Adam began to script what would turn out to be a very interesting concept in 'Ya Mustafa'.